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    Here is what I have in mind, so the bantz currency can obtained mainly 3 ways, Voting and Winning and killing ( or in the rare case of a draw ). But I feel like there can be other ways in implement it. And that's where my suggestions come in.

    1. There are plenty of people who don't really care about taking damage the first couple minutes because of the heal, but what if we could reward those who do manage to get to the heal mark without taking any damage.

    2. I feel like if you are the top killer in a game that you should be rewarded. (Yeah it goes with killing but it would still be cool)

    3. First blood, I understand that this goes with killing another player as well but since it's the first blood and can be rewarded with an extra amount of bantz. Maybe instead of 25 it can be 50 or something.

    Those are my suggestions. Please give feedback and until my next post. See ya later.

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