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    Hello everyone!

    First things first I would like to let you all know that BanterUHC is not closing and is not going anywhere, at least not for right now.

    A little over a month ago I was placed in a call with Rafessor from the company Spark Squared, his company was the one that set up and ran How to Minecraft Seasons 4 and 5. I was placed in a call with Rafessor when TBNRKenny was streaming on BanterUHC. Kenny's BanterUHC stream was right after or possibly still during the finals days of H5M when Rafessor would troll Kenny daily on stream, so naturally, I allowed Rafessor to troll him on BanterUHC as well. After the stream ended Rafessor asked me quite an intriguing question "Brad, how much would you sell your network for?" I shot him to what I must admit was an offer he couldn't refuse. Not realising how serious Rafessor was, here we are some time later and the contract has been signed and BanterUHC and all of it's intellectual property I once owned with it now belongs to Spark Squared.

    What does this mean for Braditanium?
    Well, once Spark Squared gets everything ready on their end I will no longer have the OWNER tag, instead they have decided to keep me on board as the Community Manager. Essentially doing what I still do now, minus all of the back-end work. This means I will have more time to play on the server and interact with the players and receive feedback to give to the development team.

    What does this mean for the players? & What is Spark Squared's plans with the server?
    For players, absolutely nothing. BanterUHC will continue to run as-is until Spark Squared gets everything ready for their changes to the server. I am legally not allowed to write or talk about their plans under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but I can say I am excited to see how everything turns out with what I do know.

    What does this mean for the current staff?
    Absolutely nothing. As a part of my agreement with Spark, all current staff are to remain in their positions.

    What does this mean for Discord and/or TeamSpeak?
    Discord will stay, but I will be handing over the ownership of it to the guys at Spark.
    The TeamSpeak will ultimately close, Spark had no interest in keeping it running, and neither do I. If you depend on the TeamSpeak server to talk with your friends you will need to find another TeamSpeak or another service.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability as I am allowed.

    Rafessor -
    Spark Squared -

    Think of BanterUHC being acquired by Spark Squared as an EXPANSION. Spark Squared has over 40 developers, graphic artists, managers, freelancers, and more. Spark Squared also works with huge clients, like aforementioned How to Minecraft. I legally cannot name anymore than that, but they have a lot of projects in the works.

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    I'm ecstatic to see the direction the server goes, best wishes to everyone making this server an amazing place to play! :D

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